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Nick Wells

Nick Wells

Originally from Florida, Nick spent most of his time between the fresh water springs and the ocean.  He often encountered divers who sparked dreams of world travel and undersea exploration.  Life became full, but he never forgot about those dreams. 

In 2021, Nick honored a fallen comrade through new adventures which inspired him to dive.  After visiting other shops, Nick discovered Virginia Scuba.  The staff made him feel right at home.  Their amazing experiences convinced Nick to sign up for open water. 

Virginia Scuba fulfilled Nick’s dream at the Florida fresh water springs where he experienced underground caverns.  That was just the beginning.  Nick remained immersed in the classroom, diving at the lake, and traveling the seas. 

He delights in both SSI and DAN offerings.  As a member of the Dive Club, he enjoys installing underwater attractions, camping, and socializing with friends.  Nick adores traveling abroad, shore diving, boat excursions, and liveaboards with the shop.  The combined experiences renew his interest in ecology, science, medicine, camping, and nature. 

Sunrise at sea, colorful reefs, giant sea creatures, and the feeling of gliding through the water.  Nick looks forward to the next undersea adventure with the Virginia Scuba family.