Why did we get into the dive business? Because we LOVE diving!

Virginia Scuba was established in 2000 as Northern Virginia's first professional dive facility to offer full dive training and support for recreational and technical diving. In 2012, new owner's purchased the shop and continued the tradition of top quality dive training with an additional focus on making our staff one of the best in the dive industry.

Our instructor staff offers a full range of recreational and Extended Range courses from SSI. With three Instructor Trainers and a Master Instructor, we were able to develop the Virginia Scuba Internship Program for our professional staff. In addition to training agency requirements, Virginia Scuba professionals must also complete a number of tasks and evaluations from our more experienced staff prior to being allowed to conduct courses independently. Our staff is also required to go through a yearly evaluation process in which the staff must demonstrate skills, pass timed swims, and pass a written exam. This yearly review is one of the first and most comprehensive in the industry. This Internship and evaluation process helps ensure that our students are getting the absolute best dive experience that we can offer.

We offer local and exotic dive travel all over the world. Our owners and instructors do what we do because we love nothing more than to GO DIVING! We dive everywhere from the local quarries to the most beautiful ocean locations on the planet. If you are looking for worry free travel, stop in or give us a call. Our staff is always looking for an excuse to go dive somewhere. Check out our trips online or at the store…if you don't see where you want to go already listed, tell us and we'll see if we can get a trip put together.

We can blend trimix and nitrox, including deco mixes and pure O2. We have our air tested quarterly and display the results at our fill station for you to inspect. When we oxygen service your regulators and valves, it is done in a positive pressure, HEPA filtered oxygen clean room (the only one in the area). We have 17,000 cubic feet of compressed gas storage, 2 compressors, booster pumps, mixing panels, cylinder service facilities, and a full regulator service shop.

While we do take pride in all the things we are able to offer you, the best feature we have at Virginia Scuba is that our staff and divers are FUN! And FUN is ultimately what diving is all about. Come see us and we are sure that we will become your dive shop!