Welcome to the Service Bench!

Virginia Scuba service bench workshopVirginia Scuba has a longstanding reputation for quality repairs and excellent customer service.

Annual service of your life-support equipment ensures it will last a lifetime and keep you safe during each and every dive. Pre-dive travel check ups are also available!

Virginia Scuba service technicians have years of experience servicing life-support equipment. All technicians are manufacturer trained and certified. Virginia Scuba staff are also trained and certified for cylinder visual inspections, oxygen cleaning & servicing.

All scuba gear purchased from Virginia Scuba allows the owner a discounted "preferred" rate on all services. (See Preferred Service Plan below for details.)

You can stop by and drop off your gear or you can ship us your gear for service from anywhere in the world. Typical turn around time on equipment service is 2-3 weeks. Rush service is available for an additional fee. Call us for details!

*While we have many parts in stock, turn around on your service could be delayed if we need to order parts for your particular regulator.  Just like everyone else, we are strapped with some delays in receiving some items from our suppliers.  

*Service and rush fees are due at time of equipment drop off. Costs for parts (if applicable) and unforeseen costs (extra cleaning, etc) are due at time of pick up.


Typical service includes:

  • All equipment is pre-tested before servicing.
  • All equipment is serviced with original manufacturer parts.
  • All equipment is assembled and torqued to manufacturer specifications.
  • All equipment is internally and externally inspected for wear and damage.
  • All equipment is cleaned and made as like new as possible.
  • All equipment is set-up and adjusted to original specifications.
  • All regulator stages are broken in with modern breathing machine to set up seats.
  • All regulator stages are retested and final adjustments made.
  • All equipment is wet and leak tested.
  • All warranty paperwork submitted if under current warranty.

Brands We Service:

Virginia Scuba provides service and repair for the following brands of scuba gear:  Atomic, Cressi, Dive Rite, Halcyon, Mares, Oceanic,  Poseidon, Sherwood, Spare Air and Zeagle

Regulator and BCD Service and Repair Rates

  • Regulator Per Stage - $ 30.00 plus parts
    1st, 2nd & Octopus (Alternate) stages, and SPG/Console.
  • Regulator Function Test - $ 45.00
  • BCD Service - $ 30.00 plus parts4
  • Regulator Oxygen Cleaning - $25.00

Surcharge added in conjunction with a normal service and overhaul charges. Available only for regulators compatible with oxygen service. Includes hose cleaning as well.

Equipment Service Program Regulator and BCD Service and Repair Rates*

  • Regulator Per Stage - $ 22.50 plus parts*
    1st, 2nd & Octopus (Alternate) stages, and SPG/Console.
  • Regulator Function Test - $ 30.00
  • BCD Service - $ 22.00 plus parts

*Virginia Scuba's Equipment Service Program (ESP) includes preferred pricing and may include parts depending on the manufacturer. The ESP stays in effect as long as the customer maintains the servicing as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have questions please call or email repair@vascuba.com for details.

Oxygen Clean Room Service

Just how important is it to oxygen clean your equipment? It is so important that we have a custom designed oxygen clean room with ISO Class 5 / 0.3 micron filtration system. All oxygen cleaning for valves and regulator repairs is done inside this facility.

Cylinder Service Costs

If you purchase your tank from Virginia Scuba, the cost to make your tank dive ready is on us!

  • Annual Visual Tank Inspection (VIP) - $15.00
    This includes VIP and air fill. Nitrox and Trimix at an additional charge*
  • 5 year Hydrostatic Pressure Test - $50.00 for Aluminum - $60 for Steel cylinders
    Complete valve overhaul included along with visual inspection! Includes air fill, Nitrox and Trimix at an additional charge*
  • Steel Tank Tumbling and Cleaning - $40.00
    Used for excessive internal rust deposits. Rust is removed, and an oxygen compatible rust inhibitor is applied to the tank.
  • Light Weight Internal Cleaning - $10.00
    Brushing and washing to remove mineral deposits of aluminum oxide or rust.
  • Tank Valve Overhaul - $10.00
    Tank valve overhaul includes replacement of the seat, washers, orings and burst disc.
  • Cylinder Nitrox and O2 Preparation - $30.00
    Washing and degreasing of both tank and valve. This is required for new and used tanks and after every VIP and hydrostatic test.
  • O2 Cleaning/Return O2 Cleaning - $30.00 ($20.00 normal preferred)
    Have us do your O2 cleaning after your initial prep (drain, disassembly of tank, etc.) and save $10 on your next year's service, meaning if you purchase your tank through us or bring it back each year, the fee next time is $20.00 instead of $30.00
  • Twin Cylinder Breakdown and Reassembly - $25.00
    Surcharge when doing annual VIP or Hydrostatic testing*

Please note that we do NOT do hydrostatic testing here at Virginia Scuba. The hydro facility picks up and drops off weekly at Virginia Scuba. Please allow at least 2 weeks for hydrostatic testing*