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John Parr

John Parr

John Parr

SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor
SSI Classified Diver Instructor
SSI Mermaid Instructor
SSI Basic Freediving Instructor
DAN Instructor


SSI Instructor Specialties:

Altitude, Boat, React Right, Scuba Ranger, Snorkeling, Dive Guide, Nitrox, Full Face Mask, All Ecology courses, Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, Science of Diving, Stress & Rescue, Computer, Photo/Video, Equipment Techniques, Waves Tides Currents.

Diver's Alert Network Courses:

Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid (BLS),
Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries (EO2)
Diving First Aid for Professional Divers (DFA Pro)

John is a Virginia native and Nationally Registered EMT. He started diving in 2008 while in graduate school at Radford University. After discovering his passion for the "dive life" he wanted to share it with others. In 2012 he became an Assistant Instructor and started sharing his passion of diving with others. In 2019 he decided to expand his passions and earned his Basic Freediving Instructor certification. John earned his Mermaid Instructor in 2020 and started to be part of the mermaid world. In 2022 John decided to share his passion of the diver life with new students and earned his Open Water Instructor certification. John's favorite part of being an instructor is seeing the excitement and passion of diving in his students. When not teaching, John can be found diving off the coast of NC exploring wrecks, as well as diving at Disney's Living Seas at Epcot.