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Joe Orosz

Joe Orosz

Originally from landlocked Western NY, Joe grew up reading about diving and finally 'took the plunge' in the August of 2020.  While researching dive shops in Virginia, Joe met Tige and signed up the same day. 


Joe quickly caught the bug and signed up for four more specialty courses that same month. Over the past few years diving has given Joe the opportunity to travel places he never thought he'd go.  He seems to go on 'once in a lifetime' trips several times a year!


Joe dives with his 12 year old son who is a junior open water diver and the two have what's become an annual boys trip to Roatan, Honduras.  


For Joe, diving offers a perfect blend of recreation, science, community, travel, personal exploration, family time and reflection.   Virginia Scuba offered the knowledge, expertise and friendly teamwork that made for a natural fit.