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Alan Rush

Alan started his scuba diving before Jacques Cousteau or Mike Nelson. Well, it just seems that way, actually, his YMCA certification card says 1972.  He began diving in quarries and lakes in Missouri and the occasional trip to the Keys and then didn’t dive again for a number of years.  It wasn’t until 2016 when he took a Scuba Skills Update and got his boys certified for a Caribbean trip that the fire was rekindled. Since then he’s been diving in earnest with the shop, and his wife, who was also hooked by the new family avocation. Not one to sit still, he has risen through the 'What’s Next' program to become a 'Master Diver', 'Dive Guide', and just recently an Assistant Instructor. Alan can also be seen around the ‘repair shop’ rebuilding regs or 'behind the sales counter' when Tige is otherwise ‘obligated' to lead a dive trip to the tropics.