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Virginia Scuba is a full service dive shop and snorkeling center serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the greater Washington DC area since 2002.

We offer top quality recreational scuba diving lessons and technical dive training from beginner levels to advanced, all the way up to instructor certifications. 

Ready to get your feet wet?

Start today with a class online using PADI e-Learning or if you prefer a classroom environment, come to the shop and setup a time to complete your traditional learning.

Virginia Scuba has been providing safe, fun, dive training since 2002 with the best quality training through SDI/TDI, IANTD, and PADI. 

Stop in today and sign up for your next certification or even sit down, have a drink, and tell us about your latest adventure!


MARCH 21, 2015 3:00 PM

PADI Pro Night

PADI Pro Night is the perfect opportunity to get all your diving questions answered by the people who know.  Take some time to plan your diving career with our professionals who will guide you on your path to your ultimate goal.  Our staff will provide information on recreational, professional and technical diving opportunities.  It is also a great time to bring your non diving friend/ love one to learn what we already know, SCUBA diving will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Join us for this day of fun and learning.  We'll see you on the 21st!

So now you’re certified...

What’s Next!? 

Don’t be alarmed, we’re not overly excited about your question. Here at Virginia Scuba, we've developed a unique program that surpasses the typical response of taking the Advanced Open Water course or trying out a specialty. With “What’s Next!?”,  you will complete 5 training dives and receive certifications in three specialties we feel every diver needs, regardless of which direction diving takes you. But what if you've finished part one? Check out the second part of the program “What’s Next Deep!?”  If you’re interested in obtaining your deep diver specialty and one additional certification, this is the program for you! Plus, after completing both parts you will receive your advanced open water certification on top of 5 specialties!

If you’re interested a specialty that you can’t complete in the area or if you've finished both parts of “What’s Next!?” and your ready to put those skills to work, why don’t you take a trip with us? Check out our travel page for more info!