You have completed the course work, you've done your time in the pool and quarry. You are now a Certified Open Water Diver.  The question we always get asked is"What's Next?" 

We decided to answer that question differently.  

We have packaged the two skills course and one specialty course we believe that EVERY diver should have to be a great diver. You will complete four training dives including Underwater Navigation and Perfect Buoyancy; as well, you will be diving each dive as an Enriched Nitrox Diver using EAN AIR Nitrox with your SSI Instructor.

The knowledge and skills you develop during the course vary with the dives. You will get information on how to dive longer and get back in the water sooner with the Enriched Air Nitrox course. You'll learn how to adjust your trim and weighting so you can learn to master neutral buoyancy with Perfect Buoyancy. Then, learn how using a compass, navigating using kick cycles, and natural navigation, will make getting to and from a dive site easy for you with Underwater Navigation

for this adventure, come learn and dive with us.


  • Complete the SSI online Knowledge Development. We will do course review and learn the procedures to handle,analyze and use Nitrox 
  • 5 open water dives (4 required for certification and 1 for fun to try out your new skills)
  • Quarry Passes


  • Minimum 15 years of age
  • SSI Open Water Diver certified (or qualifying certification from another training organization)
  • Prior to any water sessions return completed the Medical Statement and have physician approval for diving, if needed

Course Materials

  • Underwater Navigation Specialty 
  • Perfect Buoyancy Specialty 
  • Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty 

Equipment Needed

  • Total Snorkeling System (mask, snorkel, fins with appropriate Total Exposure (protection) System)
  • Total Diving System 
  • Tanks and Weights provided (Nitrox fills included)


  • Traditional Course: $500.00


Besides getting a Certification card for each specialty you complete. By completing two of the above specialties and having 12 total dives logged you have achieved the rating of  SPECIALTY DIVER.
SSI will send you, for free, your SPECIALTY DIVER card.



What's NEXT?

Glad you asked!
The natural complement to our Whats's Next program is  our
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