Why learn to dive?

     Many times we are asked, "why do you scuba dive?".  The first answer is simple... it is FUN!! However, diving is not quite that simple.  There are as many reasons to scuba dive as there are people who do it.

     Adventure.  For people seeking adventure, diving offers them access to places on our planet that very few people ever get to see.  Whether it is a coral reef, WWII wreck, cave, cavern, ocean sink hole, shark, etc., etc, diving has that.  There is so much under the surface of our oceans and fresh water environments that it would take a lifetime to see it all (or list it here).  The thrill of breathing underwater is itself a rush.

     Family Fun.  While many do not consider diving a family affair, nothing could be further than the truth.  Young couples looking to spend time together, older couples rediscovering each other after the kids are gone, or mom and dad with the kids, can all reap the uniting benefits that scuba offers.  Scuba diving is taught as a team concept that strengthens bonds between family members.  Imagine an entire week or weekend with your loved ones in which no one spends the entire time with their face buried in some kind of technology.

     Conservation.  Our entire planet is dependent upon our waters.  We need it to drink, it controls weather patterns, provides us food and on and on.  Unfortunately, since the general population does not go underwater, most do not think of the human impact on our underwater environment.  Our earth is 70% water, it is pretty important to all of us.  Diving offers us a chance to make a difference for generations to come.

     Peace.  My personal favorite.  There is nothing like going for a dive and losing all the noise and troubles we all have in our daily lives.  To move practically weightless through the water is absolutely incredible.  No phones, computers, bosses, employees, or stresses can follow you on a dive.  Even if stress follows you to the water, it will melt away in short order.

     Obviously, this is a short, general list of reasons to dive.  The Dive Life we lead here is all of these things plus so much more.  Mostly it really is about FUN!  How you find that fun is completely up to you.  We are just here to help you find it.