So what do you call a girl...

...who doesn’t know the first thing about diving? Let alone difference between first and second stage (well, I do now) and haven’t the slightest on which gear does what and what will work best? 

Let me back up a little, I’m Megan. A twenty something student, aspiring marine biology/film major who wants to emphasize on coral conservation and research diving. The dream is this: to film underwater documentaries for a large institution (Nat Geo, anyone? Anyone?) and live the dream, the dive life, etc.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, I haven’t even flipped a fin…yet.

Regardless, here I am dreaming big, working at a dive shop in Manassas, Virginia, Virginia Scuba to be exact, to start this pilgrimage to some sort of scuba diving mecca. At least, that’s what I envision.

And what does this have to do with you? Well if your reading this, I'm going to be a wise guy and say you probably have some sort of connection the dive life. Be it you’re fully submersed in the community of scuba divers (pun intended) or you’re more like me, and have yet to get your feet wet… (I should really stop with these, huh?) This blog post, and ones to come, are for you as much as they are for me.

From rookie mistakes, and they will be made…to what fins should you buy, to reviews on new and old gear alike, to the best wreck dives in the Caribbean, even the number one spot to see sea turtles (which according to Sport Diver Magazine, it’s Grand Cayman if you’re curious.) I will be documenting my experiences… when I’m not you know, preoccupied with mask removal technique and the whole being “underwater” thing. With pictures and videos to boot.

Even if the route I’m on far from traditional, we’re not so different.  From the experienced diver to the beginner, we all have to start somewhere, maybe my adventure will make it a little easier for you to take the plunge (okay, that was the last pun...for now.)

I’m ready if you are!