Virginia Scuba celebrated its one year anniversary under new ownership!


Virginia Scuba celebrated its one year anniversary under new ownership! Sometimes, as new owners, we focus on all the things we wanted to get done, but have yet to do. The truth of the matter is that we have accomplished a great deal in our first twelve months.

The reason for all those accomplishments is YOU, our customer!  Many long time customers have been incredibly supportive of the new directions and changes that come with new ownership.  Our new customers have been supportive not only as customers, but even starting dive clubs, offering services they perform, etc. All this keeps Virginia Scuba as the top dive shop in northern Virginia.

With all the facelifts, new products, and new faces, one thing remains the same. Virginia Scuba still provides safe, professional dive instruction that is unmatched (in our opinion) by any other shop. 

Your support has spread the word that this shop is the place for the best in recreational and technical scuba diving. At our one year anniversary, we had technical and recreational students not only from here, locally, but from all over the world, as far away as Alaska and Korea! Once again, all because of YOU!

We look forward to another year of exciting changes and wonderful diving with old and new friends alike. Regardless of whose names are on the paperwork, Virginia Scuba is OUR shop!