What is "The Dive Life"?

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     Way before I ever considered running a dive shop, I was an open water scuba diver excited about diving, just like everyone else.  I loved the "weightlessness" of diving, the awesome critters, and the excuse to get out and do something.  Being underwater was like nothing I had ever experienced before. 

     Like many divers before and after me, I began recruiting friends and family to dive.  Once my wife got certified, we spent one or two weekends a month a the lake.  As more friends and family got certified, we spend even more time at the lake.  We traveled to dive, but spent most of the time at Mt. Storm in West Virginia.

     Several years into my diving career I realized something.  Although being in the water is one of my great passions, we actually spent most of our dive weekends and trips OUT of the water.  Recently we dove with Explorer Ventures in the Turks and Caicos.  That trip we did 5 dives a day.  When broken down, that was roughly 5 hours in the water out of 24.  Take out another 8 hours for sleep and that left 11 hours a day NOT in the water.

So what am I getting at? There is sooooo much more to diving than just the actual wonders of diving.  When first considering purchasing Virginia Scuba, our thought was to provide not only the best dive training around, but create the atmosphere of "The Dive Life".  A place where someone could come by, sit, grab a drink and escape the hustle and bustle of our normal NOVA lives. 

That means spending time with good friends.  That means traveling to different locations and meeting new friends.  That means just relaxing and enjoying the passion that brings all of us from different walks of life together... DIVING!

Virginia Dive Club NOVA is a dive club formed by our customers based completely on those ideas.  While the shop is not formally involved in the club's activities, we do support the members and the club because of this like minded approach to diving.  We hope and encourage all of our dive friends to participate in the club. 

Lastly, we ask only one thing... LIVE THE DIVE LIFE!  Join the club, go with us on a trip, come to the quarry when we have classes, hang at the shop and talk diving, but live the life.  We all have the passion, let's make the most of it!