Virginia Scuba is going to offer SSI !!!

Virginia Scuba will offer SSI beginning July 1, 2015!

     As of July 1, 2015 Virginia Scuba will conduct dive lessons through Scuba Schools International.  We are very excited about the change and think you will be too!  On June 27-28 our staff will participate in an instructor crossover so that we may teach the full menu of SSI courses.

     For those worried that they have paid for PADI courses that have not been completed yet, NO WORRIES.  We will still maintain our PADI memberships until December 31, 2015.  If you would prefer to change your course to SSI, we can do so.   If not, we will complete your PADI course.  All new open water divers will be started in the SSI system starting July 1, 2015.

     This will NOT affect the quality instruction you have come to expect from Virginia Scuba.  If anything, we believe it will enhance your dive experience.   We will still offer SDI/TDI and IANTD for many of our Technical Diving courses. 

    Our decision to move from PADI to SSI was a long, hard process.  Many of us have spent many years teaching the PADI system.  While we can say nothing ill of the programs that are offered by PADI, it was decided that SSI was slightly more along the lines of the philosophies and goals of Virginia Scuba. 

    SSI is an international training organization recognized worldwide.  Any certifications you have earned through PADI are recognized by SSI and vice versa, so you may continue your diving education without any loss of progress.  SSI has dive shops worldwide so the referral system is very similar to the system we are already using.  SSI is also ISO certified. 

    Again, we are excited about the new opportunities with SSI and are certain that you will also love the change.  If you have any questions or concerns about your current diving level or future training plans, contact us at 703-369-0098 or  Once you experience the difference, you will be happy with our decision.

As always, we look forward to diving with you!  Stop by and say "Hi!"

Big things for 2015!

     The new year is starting well and with a great deal of promise.  We here at Virginia Scuba have a lot of new ideas and plans in the works to better serve you. 

     First off, 2014 saw the addition of several new divemasters to our staff and more to conclude their training this year.  This allows us a fresh set of ideas in our never ending drive to provide the best dive training in the business.  There are also a few divers who plan to take the next step to become instructors this year.  As always, our new staff is trained and held to the high standards that you have grown to expect from Virginia Scuba.

    We are also partnering up with other dive shops to expand our dive travel options.  Our new partnerships will give us more opportunities to serve you with group AND your individual travel needs.  As the process progresses, we will be adding travel options to our website and Facebook.  We anticipate not only expanding our exotic travel, but adding "local" trips to the coast of Florida and the shipwrecks of St. Lawrence River to go along with our Florida Springs trips.  Make sure to check back with us frequently to make sure you get in on some of these!

    After many requests, we are going to bring back our free seminar program.  These are one to two hour seminars that fill in the informational gaps that tend to not be (or lightly) covered in normal training.  Topics will include things such as packing for travel, setting up save-a-dive kits, more in depth gear care, etc.  Once again, keep an eye on the website and Facebook so you don't miss these events.

     Lastly, we strive to share our passion for diving with you in the safest, friendliest manner possible.  This includes not only the best possible training, but also to provide a place to make new friends and get the most out of your dive adventure.  We believe that diving is more than the time we get to spend underwater.  It includes social gatherings with other divers to share ideas, pictures, and epic tales of great diving.  With that in mind, we plan to host more events like our Customer Appreciation Day and Chili Feed that we held last year.  We have joined with Virginia Dive Club- NOVA to provide more events for everyone to enjoy.

     Thank you so much for choosing Virginia Scuba as you local dive shop.  Every time you visit is special to us.  As long as you continue honor us with your business, we will continue to provide you with a safe, professional, fun experience.  We look forward to seeing you this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

First, let us say thank you to all our friends who chose us for their diving needs this year.  All our customers and students are greatly appreciated.  We always welcome you to be a part of the dive life. 

Second, we regret to inform you that for the first time in three years, we will have to increase our price for training.  Our costs for training materials, open water entrance fees, etc have raised every year; and, we have fought to not raise our prices.  Now, we will have to do so.  Although we have no control of eLearning prices, PADI will also increase their price.  Please make note that any increases will go into effect as of January 1, 2015.

The good news is that you still have time to go ahead and get any training you are planning set and paid for prior to the increase.  If you have a loved one you were going to get lessons for, go ahead and get it for Christmas before the increase! 

Lastly, we want to announce that come January 2015, we will have finalized a new partnership in our dive travel.  We are working on partnering with local dive shops and a larger travel agency to be able to offer you more options for group and individual travel.  Please stay up to date via our web page and Facebook page (Virginia Scuba, not VA Scuba). We will formally announce these partnerships and how it affects you as soon as all is set. 

As always, you are invited to stop by the shop just to get away from the NOVA hustle and bustle.  We do our best to get you somewhere tropical, even it is all in our heads!  Thank you again for choosing Virginia Scuba for Safe. Professional. Fun.


NOVEMBER 29-30, 2014



Join us for our annual Holiday SALE!  On Saturday and Sunday, we will have a sale so you can get that special diver the gift he or she has been waiting for.   We have special pricing all over the store along with Closeout and Discontinued items up to 50% OFF

We still have Aeris products deeply discounted since the company was absorbed by Oceanic.  These items are brand new and the manufacturer has said all warranties will be honored.  We have several new Sherwood items including BCDs, regulators, computers, and masks.  As always we have Halcyon, Hollis, Dive Rite, Mares, SEAC, and more.  We also have accessory items such as the Aquasketch Minno, EEZY Cut Trilobite, T-Shirts, and moldable mouthpieces.

If you are not sure what your diver needs, you may always get them a Virginia Scuba Gift Certificate.  Get a Gift Certificate for training, products, or just a dollar amount for them to use for whatever they want or need.

And, of course, no Virginia Scuba event would be complete without the guys from Virginia Dive Club- NOVA.  They have decided to fire up a couple big pots of chili for Saturday!  Come get your Christmas shopping done and then sit down for a warm bowl of chili with your Virginia Scuba family.  After all, what is Thanksgiving and Christmas all about if not family?! 

See you then