Conservation -  Concerns and benefits us ALL.


The underwater world is something that is a wonder to all of us. Even the youngest child can not help but to stop and gaze at the beauty that lies in our waters. 

Virginia Scuba is based, obviously, on an intense love of scuba diving.  Part of being a responsible diver is taking care of the environment that we all got into diving to see.  Please consider what you can do to keep our undersea world safe for all to enjoy. 

Let's all work together to preserve nature's incredible handy work.  Don't just do it for our generation, do it for the generations to come.  We only have one planet, so please support the conservation efforts of the organizations listed below.

Adopt - A - Manatee

Virginia Scuba is participating in the adopt-a-manatee program! We have adopted our own manatee, Chessie! If you are interested in adopting your own manatee and protecting an important species that we all love, stop by our shop today and pick up a form. Money collected from this program will benefit manatees and their habitats. 

By the way, Virginia Scuba will reduce the price of any single Specialty Course by the same amount you donate to these incredible animals (up to $75).  Make a difference today and get some great training along the way!